Book Recommendations Wanted: Management, Marketing & Professional Development

Seeking Book Recommendations on Management, Marketing & Professional DevelopmentI’ve always loved reading but finding the time to read has become much more difficult the further I fall into adulthood. I used to be pretty adept at balancing a continuous queue of diverse reading material – some books to help feed my imagination, others to give me a greater insight into complex issues and broaden my worldview. These days I find that when I do have time to read I’m much more inclined to stick with reading something that provides more escapism than intellect. I made a new years resolution that for every 2 fun, fictional stories I read I had to read one non-fiction, self-discovery type book. So far it’s half way through 2014 and I have had little success in this area. This is why I’m calling on your help for book recommendations.

I’m looking for book suggestions for a reader who is a professionally minded, female marketer. I’ve come to a realization that the lessons and traits I’m seeking to learn and develop can’t simply be understood through osmosis in the office space. I work in IT, a highly concentrated male environment, and for a very small organization. These circumstances have yielded to many opinions on organizational culture, leadership, management and my chosen career path. But I’m eager to get outside of myself a bit to look past the day-to-day obstacles and ultimately learn how to be a better worker, manager, problem solver and critical thinker.

So please, send some suggestions my way, comment below or connect with me on GoodReads. I’ll fast track the most worthy recommendations to the top of my reading list and we can swap notes afterwards :)

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