Content Marketing vs. Content Strategy

These first few weeks of the new year have felt very productive at work. I love the feeling coming back from the holiday season and having a renewed motivation and sense of purpose to take on the new year. We’ll see how long it lasts, but for right now I’m riding high on some exciting new initiatives. One of these new goals has been creating a more dimensional content strategy and content marketing calendar for my organization. Content marketing and content strategy are essential to any strategic marketing plan but it’s important to fully understand how they are different and how they work together.

Content Marketing vs. Content StrategyContent is king. If you’re a marketer, you have likely heard this saying thousands of times. You may be tired of hearing it, but it is absolutely true. However, content marketing and content strategy are two very different things. Content strategy is the planning and creation of scalable and repeatable content with a built-in audience. In essence, it is the engine that keeps your marketing operations running. It must be beautiful, efficient, powerful and trustworthy. Your content marketing is a smaller slice of your content strategy. Content Marketing delivers the story that your organization wants to tell focusing on the best ways to engage your audience using content that impacts and enhances customer behavior. It should drive a specific objective of your content strategy but it should be more refined, focused and specific.

Think of content marketing like baking a cake for a party, while your content strategy is like running a bakery. You need to refine your cake baking skills in order to run a successful bakery, but you certainly can’t simply rely on your baking skills to ensure you bakery business will be profitable. Your content strategy should focus on managing quality content in many shapes and forms with attention to content promotion, process design, leadership and team collaboration.


To begin planning your content strategy and content marketing, first ask yourself 1.) what is your business objective and 2.) how will you design a repeatable and scalable content process that will meet your business objectives. In following entries, I will post some additional tools, documents and templates I have found helpful in my content marketing and content strategy experiences.

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