Drink the Koolaid: Social Media Marketing

Drink the Koolaid: Social Media Marketing, Oh YEAH!Last week I wrapped up a course in Advanced Marketing Analytics which dived into Google Analytics and Intelligence Reporting. I’ve always been a words over numbers person so I was a bit intimidated about taking this course. One of my most valuable takeaways was learning how to translate social and digital marketing data to tell a bigger story about marketing success and outreach. Reflecting on the course materials and my organization, I’ve realized that being successful in the social channel requires serving as a social advocate not just for your organization and your customers but also for your partners, internal stakeholders and industry leaders as well.

Prior to my current role, my experience with social media and social media marketing was limited. Early on I was skeptical and struggled to see any lasting value from social media marketing. With over two years at my organization, I’ve witnessed our social media efforts grow and change and while we still have room for improvement, I can say that my experience has made me a believer in the power of social media. Most people think of social media as strictly the online social networks when in fact social really encompasses online and offline tactics. How many times have you had an offline, in person conversation about something you saw online? The channel boundaries are less obvious when it comes to social marketing and the influence of social media. My attitude towards social media began to change when I was able to look at social as more than just managing a twitter account and instead looking at the bigger conversation social can ignite.

The one area that I think most organizations struggle, myself included, is how to track and communicate return on social media and what kind of added value these platforms provide. Unfortunately I don’t have an easy formula to answer this, but moving forward I’m going to start tracking and reporting this data more closely to works towards answering these questions. I hope to create a series of deliverables to help showcase  my organizations social media strengths, weaknesses and successes. I plan to post my progress and any useful resources or templates here, so stay tuned!

Have you had any success with tracking the value of your social media impact? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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